Toronto Traffic Cameras

This is sorted from West to East
403 Cameras

403 at Hurontario
403 at Central Parkway East
403 near EastGate Pkwy
403 near Eglinton Ave.
403 near Matheson

403 near 410 South
401 near 410
410 north of 401
410 near Courtney Park Rd.

401 Cameras East of 410

401 and Tomken Road
401 near Dixie Rd.
401 near Etobicoke Creek
401 and Transfer east of Dixie
401 near Airport
401 near Renforth Dr.
410 near Courtney Park Rd.

401 near 427 North
401 near 427 South
427 North of Rathburn Rd.
427 and Bloor St.

401 Cameras East of 427
401 near Carlingview Dr.
401 near Clarion
401 near Martin Grove Rd.
401 near Kipling Ave.
401 near Islington Ave.
401 near Weston Rd.

401 near 409 North

401 near 400 South
401 near 400 North
400 and Sheppard Ave
400 and Finch Ave
400 and Steeles Ave
400 and 407

401 East of 400
401 near Jane St.
401 near Montana
401 near MTO Control Centre
401 near Keele St.
401 near Caledonia Rd.
401 near Dufferin St.
401 near Allen Rd. North

401 East of Allen Road
401 near Allen Rd. South
401 near Bathurst St.
401 near Avenue Rd.
401 near Sandringham — Hogs Hollow
401 near Yonge St.
401 near Lord Seaton Dr.
401 near Bayview Ave.
401 near Canadian Tire
401 near Leslie St.
401 near Don Mills Rd.

401 East of DVP
401 and 404 North
401 near Healy Sub. Station
401 near Victoria Park Ave.
401 near Warden Ave.
401 near Birchmount Rd.
401 near Kennedy Rd.
401 near Midland Ave.
401 near Brimley Rd.
401 near McCowan Rd.
401 near Bellamy Rd.
401 near Markham Rd.
401 near Creekwood
401 near Neilson Rd.
401 near Tweedrock
401 near Morningside Rd.
401 near Conlins Rd.
401 East of Conlins Rd.
401 near Meadowvale Rd.
401 near Kingston Rd.
401 near Port Union Rd.
401 near Rouge River
401 near Rougemont Drive
401 near Whites Rd.
401 near East of Whites Rd.
401 near Liverpool Rd.
401 East of Liverpool Rd.
401 near Brock Rd.
401 East of Brock Rd.
401 near Church St.
401 near Harwood Ave.


DVP near Gardiner

DVP near Eastern
DVP near Dundas
DVP – East South Side of Danforth
DVP near Bloor Ramp
DVP near Beechwood
DVP West Side North of Millwood
DVP near Don Mills
DVP West Side South of Rail Bridge
DVP East Side North of Span Bridge
DVP East South Side of St. Dennis – South of Eglinton
DVP East North side of Eglinton
DVP Twin Tunnels
DVP East North side of Lawrence
DVP South of York Mills
DVP York Mills
401 near 404 North
401 near 404/Sheppard

Gardiner Cameras

Gardiner near Kipling
Gardiner near Royal York
Gardiner South West side of Grand Ave.
Gardiner near Parklawn
Gardiner near Humber East
Gardiner South East side of Humber River
Gardiner near Ellis
Gardiner near Sunnyside
Gardiner near Dowling
Gardiner near Dunn
Gardiner near Dufferin
Gardiner near Strachan
Gardiner South West side of Bathurst
Gardiner near Spadina
Gardiner near Sky Dome
Lakeshore near York
Gardiner near York
Gardiner near Jarvis

Lakeshore Blvd
Gardiner South Side East of Jameson
Gardiner Near Ontario Place
Lakeshore near Battery Park/Strachan
Lakeshore near Remembrance, west of Bathurst
Lakeshore near Rees , South east of Spadina
Lakeshore near Bay
Lakeshore near Yonge
Lakeshore near Jarvis
Lakeshore near Parliament
Gardiner near DVP
Gardiner South Side East of DVP

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